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Preparing for the Alaska Hunt

The first rule of thumb with caribou hunting in Alaska, or any other big game hunting, is to expect the unexpected. Your success on an Alaska hunting trip is determined by how much and how well you have planned and prepared for your trip. Your plan includes a detailed itinerary, with specific strategies for success, but all trips include surprises that can derail your plans. With this in mind, accept the possibility of delays, weather problems, and other disruptions. The success of your trip is more than the harvest. Your overall hunting experience includes all sorts of challenges and rewards beyond a successful harvest. You must accept the fact that there are no guarantees.

While there are no guarantees, be aware that success rates for some hunts are higher than others. But the longer you are able to stay within the same hunting area your odds of having a successful hunt is greatly increased. Many hunters end up saving money and vacation time to have at least one solid week of hunting for their big game, some even go as far as planning a two-week long hunting trip. Along with your financial investment, be physically and mentally prepared.

Alaska is known for its tough terrain and weather and with that expect on facing some weather delays for you flight to and from Alaska. Big game hunting is not a luxury vacation; instead, prepare to be challenged and to live in rustic, sparse wilderness conditions. Additionally, be sure your gun-handling and hunting skills are top-notch. These trips are not for novices or complainers. Challenges such as equipment maintenance or repair also add to the adventure; these types of situations distinguish fair chase hunting from controlled shooting experiences. Again, the pursuit is the experience and knowing personal limitations and thresholds before booking a trip saves everyone potential headaches.

Ram Aviation Hunting Caribou Alaska

You’re Here to Test Yourself

You are an experienced hunter, but you are ready for the next challenge. You want to visit the remote Arctic and test your hunting skills, away from your daily routine. Taking an Alaskan hunting trip demands a lot of preparation for the hunter. Your success not only depends on the location of the hunt but also your physical, mental and logistical planning. The worst thing that most hunters do before taking their Alaska hunting trip is underestimating how much walking/hiking they will do. Sometimes in order to find the perfect trophy you have to walk through dense alder thickets, muskegs and even cross creeks not to mention maybe even hiking up a mountain each day. But even if you get lucky and find your trophy bull near your Ram Aviation Hunting Caribou Alaska Ribs On Firecamp, the real work begins after you’ve taken your shot and now have to clean and pack up your kill. Starting a physical regiment 4 to 6 months before your trip will have you better prepared for the Alaskan tundra.

Your time here is the opportunity of a lifetime; to continue the tradition of caribou hunting that has existed for eons. Your adventure requires nerve, skill, and even some guidance. We are here to help make your experience as successful as possible.

On these Alaskan caribou hunts, we have been taking hunters into the wild from Kotzebue longer than anyone else. We learned our trade working with some of the legendary bush pilots years ago. In the same tradition, many of the other transporters in the area learned the trade working with us, but we are still your best source for guidance in this challenging environment.

When you are out in the arctic you have to be prepared for anything. Our experience is essential to your trip. As a path to preparation, we have brought together some of the things we have learned and made them available on this website. Browse this website, follow the links, view the images, and download the “Welcome Pack.” Your Alaska caribou hunting adventure begins with proper planning and now is the time to get started! When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting.

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