Caribou Hunting

Our unguided Alaskan caribou hunts begin when you touch down in Kotzebue after your flight from Anchorage. Before nightfall, you’ll have your camp set up in one of the most remote areas of the world: the arctic tundra.

We begin our drop off Alaska hunting trips for caribou season at the end of August and run through the end of September. With these hunt dates the caribou have already begun (or finished) shedding their velvet, their antlers are hard and the migration is working its way through our utilized drop zones.


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Moose Hunting

The Alaskan moose is the largest of the deer family. An adult male can be nearly 7 foot tall at the shoulder and tip the scales at 1600 pounds or more. That’s about 600-700 pounds of meat after you’ve dressed it out.

And their antlers are the biggest in the deer family as well. A typical set of moose antlers is close to 5 feet from tip to tip, with true trophy sizes into the 6 foot range. Instead of the thin tines of most deer, the moose antler has a distinctive “hand and fingers” shape. As with most deer, the male is the only one with antlers, the largest belonging to mature males aged 10-12.


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Bear Hunting

Learn more about our bear hunting trip by clicking the button below.

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