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Flyin ~ Dropoff ~ “Do It Yourself” Hunting

Ram Aviation has been providing world-class trophy Alaska hunting for Caribou out of Kotzebue, Alaska for over 25 years.

Transporting unguided caribou hunters into the wild Alaska landscape is nothing new for us.

Specializing in unguided caribou drop off hunts, Ram Aviation has the experience and local knowledge to put you in the optimum position to “get” that big bull you’re after.

Please note: Ram Aviation is NOT Big Game Guides or Outfitters.

Caribou Hunting

Alaska Caribou Hunting

Our unguided Alaskan caribou hunts begin when you touch down in Kotzebue after your night from Anchorage. Before nightfall, you’ll have your camp set up in one of the most remote areas of the world: the arctic tundra.

We begin our drop off Alaska hunting trips for caribou season at the end of August and run through the end of September. With these hunt dates the caribou have already begun (or finished) shedding their velvet, their antlers are hard and the migration is working its way through our utilized drop zones.

What Others Have To Say

One of my most memorable trips. Great staff that provided all we need. Good quality clean gear and in a week of hunting all 4 of us tagged out. I will definitely be making this trip again.
Derrick R

Jett and Bryan set us up in a new spot they found. Paid off big!!! Had to work for it, but we took some bomber bulls (mine couldn’t even fit in the box)! Meghan is awesome, and does an excellent job with the logistics. Alaskan hunting is no “glamping” trip. It’s the Arctic freaking Circle!!! Be prepared, and know that the effort will be worth the reward. Other outfits were having trouble putting their hunters on the Caribou. Ram was catching grief, because they were staying consistently successful! Had a great time hanging with the crew. Great pilots, awesome folks! If you’re looking to drop some cash on a Caribou hunt, Ram Aviation is top notch!!!
Seth P

Thanks to all of you at Ram Aviation for the great hunt. Everything about your operation is top notch! Could not have asked for a better hunt as your staff was nothing but the best! This experience was nothing but awesome from taking my grandson on a successful hunt to the opportunity to donate some of our harvest to the locals in Kotzebue. Thanks again.
Keith F

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