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Moose Information

Another successful moose hunting trip in Alaska with Ram Aviation

The Alaskan moose hunt is the largest of the deer family. An adult male can be nearly 7 foot tall at the shoulder and tip the scales at 1600 pounds or more.
That’s about 600-700 pounds of meat after you’ve dressed it out.

And their antlers are the biggest in the deer family as well. A typical set of moose antlers is close to 5 feet from tip to tip, with true trophy sizes into the 6 foot range. Instead of the thin tines of most deer, the moose antler has a distinctive “hand and fingers” shape. As with most deer, the male is the only one with antlers, the largest belonging to mature males aged 10-12.
The natural range of the moose is all the northern countries of the world, however in Europe and Russia they are called “elk.” Here in North America we call another, much smaller member of the deer family “elk”, so it can be confusing at times.

Moose are vegetarian and eat a wide variety of plants. One sure sign you’ve come into the area inhabited by a moose is “hedging.” In the fall and early winter moose will “trim” plants by eating all the seasons new growth at a 6 or 7 foot high level – it looks similar to a trimmed hedge.

At Ram Aviation we’ve spent 20+ years flying hunters into the wild for Alaskan moose hunting. Nobody has been doing it longer, and nobody has more success at dropping hunters right into the best part of the wilderness to hunt moose.

Look at our download section for pricing details and contracts, along with information on gear rental and lists of what you need to bring along.
If you’re ready for your Alaska moose hunting adventure, call us and we’ll save you a moose.