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Alaska Hunting

Some of the most beautiful and exciting trophies are to be found in Alaska. The weather and landscape will make for an incredible experience to any hunter from novice to the seasoned veteran. Unguided hunts in Alaska today exist for caribou hunts, muskox, polar bear, black bear, wolves, Dall’s sheep, mountain goat, deer, elk, plains bison, waterfowl, and grizzly bears.

When to Hunt in Alaska

Of course, hunting regulations will dictate when each species may be hunted, but many of the big game species make long migrations between their seasonal ranges in Alaska. Hunt and Fish Alaska’s knowledge and careful planning will lead to successful hunting for your once in a lifetime experience.

You will want to be prepared for your knowledge of field dressing and meat packaging on an unguided hunt, as well as prepared for the climate you will encounter. Preparation and information only lend them to a better, more successful experience.

Alaska Big Game Hunting

There are few more exciting and more dangerous activities than big game hunting in Alaska. Your safety and success are directly influenced by your preparation. More information allows you to prepare both mentally and physically for the challenges of an Alaska hunt. Take your preparation seriously and you will enjoy your trip all the more.

7 Day Drop Off Caribou Hunt

7 Day Drop Off Caribou Hunt

2021 Rates: $5,150.00 – Hunt includes transportation and camp gear rental
2022 Rates: $5,550.00 – Hunt includes transportation and camp gear rental

Trip Includes:
5 full days of hunting with 2 days for travel into/out of field
Camp Gear Rental (You will only need to bring your own sleeping bag & pad)
Food supplied for the duration of your trip
(Two Hunter Minimum)

The prices above include our Camp Gear Rental (which includes your food for the duration of your hunt).  If you are coming up to Alaska for your caribou hunt from the lower 48’s, it’s generally more cost effective and less hassle to rent the gear from us vs. paying for the baggage and bringing your own. Totally up to you, but we like to provide you with options to make your hunt experience the best it can be. Keep in mind – with the Camp Gear Rental/Food each hunter is limited to 70#’s of gear per person.

Your unguided caribou hunt in Alaska begins when you touch down in Kotzebue, after your flight from Anchorage. Kotzebue is the gateway to the Arctic and before nightfall your camp will be set up in one of the most remote areas of the world: the arctic tundra. The stark landscape is home to the large and majestic caribou.

If you are interested in a TRANSPORTATION SERVICES ONLY HUNT, please contact us directly and we can provide a quote for you!

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