Why Alaska’s Wildlife is Important for the Economy

Alaska WildlifeMany people are attracted to Alaska’s gorgeous scenery and diverse wildlife. In fact, most Alaskan’s note the significance influence of this wildlife as their reason for living here. Now there is one more reason to embrace the natural wildlife that Alaska has to offer. Based on a two year project created by the Division of Wildlife Conservation, Alaska’s wildlife generates a revenue of 4.1 billion dollars. To get a better understanding of exactly how much money this means for the state’s companies, Fish and Game experts surveyed residents and visitors for an analysis of their spending habits.

The money that hunters and wildlife viewers spend immediately goes into work. It pays the wages of sporting goods clerks, restaurant workers, and utilities of the state. It has a ripple effect, spreading out in various directions through the regional economy. It eventually leaks out into outside areas. This is all made possible by the one million household residents and visitors that takes trips to hunt or view wildlife in Alaska.

The 2011 study also provides observations for potential spending habits made by such trips. It’s been revealed that resident hunters and wildlife viewers would be willing to spend more money on a trip than nonresidents. The reason for this is that a guest visit to Alaska is already costly, so nonresidents are not as likely to spend any more money than they have to.

Wildlife makes a compelling addition to the quality of life for most Alaskans, especially those who dwell in the Southwestern region. Eighty percent of those individuals ranked wildlife has extremely important. Even those who don’t actively hunt or view wildlife still indicated how essential it is to them.





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