Unguided Caribou Hunting In Alaska

Caribou hunting success stories abound when you fly with Ram Aviation.


Ram Aviation specializes in unguided caribou and drop off moose hunts – otherwise known as “Do It Yourself” hunts. Our hunts are designed for a specific group of hunters who are experienced and confident enough in their skills to go it alone.

If you haven’t ever experienced an unguided caribou hunt in Alaska, it’s time!  You’ll find if you are a skilled hunter and are comfortable with your hunting experience, taking on unguided caribou hunting will give you great satisfaction.

A drop off Alaska caribou hunt will provide you with the necessary experience in camping, hiking the terrain, judging and seeing animals and packing out your harvest that it will set you up for the next step of Alaska drop off hunting … Next step being – – – an Alaskan Drop Off Moose Hunt!  We hear all the time about avid hunters wanting to go after that BIG BULL MOOSE!  Going on an unguided Alaska Caribou hunt will certainly set you up for the hunt of a lifetime moose!

One advantage to you is that unguided, drop off hunts like ours – they are much more affordable than the traditional guided hunts. However, if you would prefer a guide, call us and we’ll let you know who’s available for your hunting location and time period. We can assist you with booking your guided hunts as well.


Because of the large number of caribou in Northwestern Arctic Alaska and our 25 plus years of experience in putting hunters in the thick of the migration area, it’s pretty unusual for our hunters not to come home with an animal.


Our unguided Alaska caribou hunts are reasonably priced. We also have camp rentals that take care of the basic gear you’ll need (tent, stove, etc) plus a week’s worth of food for out in the field. You’ll find it’s a bargain compared to shipping it up here.

Our personal gear list is a good starting point for anyone going on an unguided caribou hunt – with us or anyone else. It will give you an idea of what you need to bring in addition to our camp rental.

Take a look at our downloads area for price lists and contracts that you’ll need to get started with your unguided caribou hunting in Alaska.