Tips for the Bear Hunter

Tips for the bear hunterWhen it comes to big game hunting, the bear is just about as challenging as it gets. Having experience with other large game is a plus, but not a necessity if you would like to test your skills for these big fellows. When hunting bear, be sure to keep in mind some differences between these powerful and smart creatures than other game before setting out.

Bears have a sense of smell that is ten times greater than a blood hound. He can catch your scent from an amazing distance and things like tobacco smoke, gasoline and engine exhaust are easy for the typical bear to pick up on far before you have a chance to spot one. You’ll need to mask your scent and pay special attention to wind direction if you wish to have a chance at this marvelous trophy.

Once you have spotted your target, remain calm and take careful aim. You need to hit a vital organ. A wounded bear can travel miles before dropping after a poorly aimed shot and you will find it hard pressed to keep up with these fast creatures, even when hurt.

When baiting for a bear, you need to place it along the natural corridor of the creature. Dense forested areas near agriculture are a good place considering bears know that there is an abundance of food to be found. A nearby water source will also be a good location to bait.

As far as what to set out as a tempting lure to a bear, they love just about everything from donuts to fish guts. The latter make a good scent trail for a bear and they can smell it from far into the forest. Wherever it is legal, start baiting an area as much as 2 weeks in advance.



Source: Black Bear Society

Image Source: Flickr