The Elusive and Magnificent Caribous


Known for their elusive quality and their elaborate horns, the Caribou is one of the paramount species to hunt in the Far North. The Boone and Crocket Club recognizes five sub-species of caribou (a few of which we will discuss here), each of which found in different regions of North America, each offering up different qualities.

Alaska-Yukon Barren Ground Caribou

Like all caribou, the Alaska-Yukon Barren Ground will migrate; large herds of this species will travel from their springtime calving grounds in Alaska, and head south and east into the Yukon through summer, reversing their tracks towards the ocean come late winter. This is the largest of these five sub-species. The bulls will weigh in at hundreds of pounds, displaying an impressive 20-30 points.

Mountain Caribou

Typically the same size as the Alaska-Yukon, these caribou have smaller antlers. These caribou offer up the most scenic adventure. Also, it means these creatures are a little more physically taxing to capture, as it is their preference to be in the higher-elevation, where bad weather can really cause the hunt to go south (literally). Often times these Mountain Caribous can be reached via ATV or airplane. Other bonus species can be hunted on these trips as well, as the mountains offer a variety of game.

Quebec-Labrador Caribou

These are two massive herds, roaming the tundras of Quebec and Labrador. This species of caribou is much smaller than the mountain caribou, but their antlers are impressive, coming out in wider spreads. A lot of the terrain is covered by water, thus hunters tend to set out from camp each morning by boat.

A lot of hunters will want to navigate these terrains alone, through their own self-guided tours. As for anyone who is not familiar with the terrain, it may be prudent to take tours with professionals, who have studied and understood the migrating habits of caribou, and who also understand the land’s weather, as it can greatly impact the hunting conditions.


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Image: blondieb38