Moose Hunting Derbies Under Consideration

Alaska Moose DerbyA new bill in the Alaska legislature proposes adding big bull moose-hunting derbies to the list of approved state gaming activities. Placing hunting derbies alongside existing gaming activities such as bingo is not without controversy, but proponents argue that the bill would not affect the existing number of hunting permits issued annually and it would spur fundraising for organizations across the state.

Joe Koss of the Alaska Department of Revenue’s gaming division agrees with the proposal, stating that hunting is a combination of skill and chance, stating that each hunt is a gamble, “You might never see anything, you might miss, whatever.”

The concept of a hunting derby is to sell tickets to hunters, with prizes handed out at the end of a hunting season for the biggest moose. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Tammie Wilson on behalf of the Tanana Valley Sportsmen’s Association.

Mike Tinker, a member of the Tanana Valley Sportsmen’s Association, supports the basic tenants of the derby, stating, “We’re really not promoting anything here that’s going to shift hunting numbers.”

The legislation remains under consideration and more specific technical clarifications are planned.








Source: Anchorage Daily News

Image Source: Flickr