Hunting On Glaciers: An Alaskan Adventure

Hunting on Glaciers

Hunting in Alaska offers the adventurous outdoorsman many opportunities not available elsewhere. For example, imagine exploring the vast landscape of Alaskan glaciers while on a hunt. This is one of the great advantages of being a hunter. You get to explore and learn about the vast landscape of our planet while participating in an exciting pursuit.

Glaciers freeze and thaw throughout the seasons, often producing an eerie rumbling sound that echoes throughout your campsite. The landscape is moving and changing; your proximity to these changes often produces moments of excitement as well humble respect for the world around.

Climbing the glaciers offers spectacular views. Your pursuit of the Dall sheep or mountain goat is your goal, but the vast landscape demands your attention. In fact, the strenuous nature of these hunts requires good mental concentration, physical stamina, and high quality gear. You do not want to be on the glacier with worn out shoes or a lopsided backpack. Most guides and outfitters can relate more than one story of the hunter who arrived in Alaska with big plans, only to have to cut their adventure short because of bad health, lack of mental stamina, or even worn out shoes.

When you decide on a hunting adventure on a glacier in the Alaskan wilderness you must be prepared. Invest in your body, mind, and equipment before you venture into the wild. Your safety and the safety of others around you demand this attention. Hunting gets you in touch with the natural world in a ways unimagined by urban dwellers. Do yourself a favor and treat your glacier hunting trip with the reverence and respect it deserves. Your success is a reflection of your preparation.



Source: Scotty’s Alaska

Image Source: U.S. Geological Survey