Getting Your Moose

gettingurmooseA moose hunt, while extremely exciting, can also be one of the most difficult hunts to undertake. Moose hunting takes a lot of patience on the hunter’s behalf, because these animals have the capability to cover a lot of territory and do so very quickly. Even though there are some things that are clearly out of your hands there are other things you can do to ensure you come back home with your trophy.

Keeping positive, and ready to pull the trigger is the kind of mentality you need to have during your hunt.  Maintaining that visualization of success and getting your big trophy bull will keep you focused and ready for the prime shot when the time comes. Zoning out and thinking of how much more you could have slept that morning will distract you from making that split second decision of taking your shot at the perfect bull. You’ll need to keep your head in the game, focus, focus, focus.

One rule to safely live by is, “Don’t Assume Anything”.  You can very well go by that way of thinking while preparing for and during your moose hunt. Well before your big day, practice shooting your firearm to prevent any hiccups right before your prime shot. With practice you should be able to shoot a paper target at nearly 100 yards away. Same thing goes for your bow. Practice makes perfect.

If the bull doesn’t drop once you have taken your shot, don’t be discouraged. It’s very rare for any moose or caribou to drop on impact. Wait 30 minutes and then trail after it. If you lose its trail, retrace your steps, mark where the last blood drop was, and go from there. Don’t give up on your game.

If you haven’t taken your shot at a moose yet and are still scouting around, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Mark down the good hunting spots on your map (or GPS). If you are being flown in to the hunting grounds, take a look at the area beforehand through Google Maps. Again, “Don’t Assume” that your bull will just walk out in front of you wherever you are.

Before your hunt takes place, make sure you are in shape for it. You don’t need to have Hollywood abs to hunt moose, but you will be doing quite a bit of hiking around in the cold. You don’t want to get to tired before you even get the chance to shoot your bull. “Don’t Assume” your lungs will keep up with all of that hiking in high elevation. Just start your training by light brisk walking in the morning. Then when you can, a little running. After all, a little cardio never hurt. By the end of it you will reap in the rewards – In this case a world-class trophy.


Source: Ontario Out Of Doors