Fresh Fish: Cook It Right Now!

Fresh FishYou can almost see it right now; freshly pulled fish from the river or lake. And it’s just begging to be cooked up while it’s as juicy as it will ever get. The photos have been taken of your prize; the stories of how you landed the big one are forming in your head; but there’s something more important about to happen. Let’s eat!

Now comes decision time: how? If you ask any fisherman the ‘best way’ to cook your fish, you’re bound to get a hundred different answers; almost all of them may sound very tastily tempting. The personal choice is yours, but if you are scratching your head for some ideas, we got your fish covered… in some pretty delicious ways.

There are basically three ways to look at how you might cook some fish: frying, grilling and baking.

Frying a fish is one of the most popular ways to serve them up. Start with coating the fish with a batter. Suggestions include a simple bread crumb mixture, some store bought batter that is fish specific, or just good ‘ole butter in a pan.

When it comes to grilling your fish, don’t confuse this with the standard steak or hamburger technique. Coat it with some oil to keep the natural juices where they belong: in the fish. Wrapping it in tinfoil is also a way to keep it from losing its flavor to the bottom of the grill. Carefully turn your fish too with a large utensil. Some fish can be delicate on the grill and you don’t want it falling into the coals.

If time is an issue, go for the tried-and-true baking technique. Be careful not to overcook your fish though by keeping an eye on it and checking it as you go. Enjoy!




Img Source: Flickr