Five Salmon Family Challenge

This five salmon family certificate program brings awareness to the families that fish by documenting their Pacific salmon catches. In order to be certified in this curriculum, all participants must comply with the ADF&G sport fishing requirements. This means that all fish must be legally caught in Alaskan waters that are open to the public. This program is a great way to showcase your families angling abilities, while also bolstering family cooperation because certification requires more than one person. This program is available to all residents and non-residents who fish in Alaskan waters.The Family Challenge

The Five Species of Pacific Salmon

  • Chinook
  • Chum
  • Coho
  • Pink
  • Sockeye

Photo documentation is required for all catches. The photos should grant identification of the salmon species with the family member present. The photos should also be taken at or near the site it was caught. There must be at least one individual frequently appears with each of the five species.

Submission forms are available upon request by contacting the coordinator of the Five Salmon Family Challenge. Only one submission form is needed per family. Photos and forms can be submitted in hard-copy or digital format. ADF&G may later request permission to use your photos on Five Salmon Family webpage.

All submissions will be examined by the ADF&G staff. If the submission meets the certification conditions, then an official certificate will be made with the family’s name and mailed to the household as soon as possible.



Image Source: Alaska Department of Fish and Game