Drydock Your Boat Like A Pro

When your boat needs maintenance, proper planning is key to minimize downtime. Keeping in mind that a good fishing boat needs to be maintained constantly to operate at performance, here is some advice from the pros when it’s time to land your craft.Maintaining Your Boat

  • Keep a set of vessel and tank drawings handy so that a shipyard will know what to expect before you bring her in for work. It’ll save time and allow them to prepare for your particular needs.
  • If any of the work will be with the fuel tanks, or even around that section of the boat, bring it in as close to empty as you are able. Having to drain the tank will add costs to the job, or if you are doing the work, add complications to disposal.
  •  Remove perishable stores in case you are on land for longer than you expect. Throw away anything that is in the freezer or take it out before you leave the boat.
  • Know your boat including paint brands and any model numbers; having them handy on paper that can be given to the shop for parts ordering will also save time on land.
  • And if painting is part of the job, don’t skimp on quality. Sometimes boat owners try and save money on surface prep. But the surface prep is what is going to make the paint job last longer so in the long run, you’re better off not cutting corners.
  • Know the manufacturer requirements for lubricants, coolant and maintenance of your engine. Your local dealer will have that information and you want to make sure that proper care is being given to your power train.
  • If docking long-term, condensation may build in the fuel tank. Make sure you drain any water out before you set off again.


Source: Fishermensnews.com

Img Source: Flickr