Catching Alaskan Rainbow Trout

Fishing for rainbow trout in Alaska can be a fantastic experience. However, the conditions need to be just right to successfully reel in one of these beautiful fish. Aside from talking to your guide about requirements of the waters you’ll be fishing in, here are some tips to help you catch a rainbow trout.

  • Fishing Rainbow Trout in AlaskaWait For The Perfect Weather

Some places are easier for fly-fishing than others; non-glacial rivers like the Copper River are clear and easier to spot trout in. However, weather varies constantly there and the wind can be overwhelming. Do some research and find a river with not too much wind, and mild temperatures. A cloudy sky is also optimal for trout, with clear waters and average temperatures.

  • Find The Right Rod

Take time to choose the perfect rod for trout fishing. You’ll want one that isn’t too stiff, but where you can have plenty of power over your casting stroke. Know your comfort and skill, and choose a 6-, 7-, or 8-weight rod. A 9 foot rod is usually ideal, but some anglers are now using 10 footers. Before going out to the river to fish for trout, test out different rods and find out which ones work best for you.

  • Know Trout Behavior

Another factor that determines your success in fishing for trout is whether salmon are laying eggs in the river. If they have been lazy in the river and laying eggs for a while, it will be very difficult to catch trout. It’s best to fish in the first few weeks of the season, before the surface of the river is crowded with eggs and salmon.

In addition to following these tips, ask the guides you’ll be fishing with for advice. Catching a rainbow trout is an exciting experience. Good luck!




Source: Orvis

Image Source: Flickr