Alaska Enjoys Four Full Seasons

Four Seasons The beauty of Alaska is marked well by four distinct seasons; each a cascade of wonder adding to the natural splendor of the Last Frontier state. Traveling to the largest, yet fourth least populated of the United States may be enjoyed at any time of year depending on the adventure and experience you are seeking.

Spring in the northwestern region on the US can be described weather-wise as some of the most varied depending on the individual day. It isn’t uncommon for temperatures to swing from highs in the low 40’s at the warmest, and then negative 20 on the coldest of days in spring. This wide range will last for a few months as the snows thaw. The result though is an opportunity to witness some of the most stunning vistas of the woody perennial trees as the sun beams strike the frozen ice crystals that lay beneath the boughs.

As warmer summer days rolls in, the sunlight hours last longer. The temperatures dip only in the 40s most of the time, with highs hitting as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The abundant sunlight which will only set for a couple of hours at the summer’s peak beams across mountains carpeted with green pine forests, and the fields are aglow in magnificence with an assembly of wildflowers.

Autumn comes to Alaska as a reminder of impermanence and transformation. Green gives way to gold and red, then white as the first returning snows blanket the state sometime in October. The changing colors are enough alone to warrant a trip to Alaska.

Alas, winter arrives. The sun appears to have a mind of its own and departs for warmer climes. Cold, dark and hard… but even snow filled days of Alaska are ones to marvel in a place where four seasons are truly their own experience.