Adventures in Alaska: A Packing Guide

The wild beauty is unsurpassed in the amazing Alaskan frontier. When planning an adventure to the Land of the Midnight Sun, be sure to keep in mind the difference between this northern state over others you may have trekked through.

Hunting in beautiful AlaskaThe weather in Alaska can be varied even in summer. Though usually quite mild with temperatures in the fifties and sixties during the summer months, it is better equated to spring or fall in other parts of the US. Prepare for rain and a drop in temperature unexpectedly while outdoors. Packing clothing both casual and warm is a good practice. This should include a rain jacket or poncho and hiking boots along with your tennis shoes. Having waterproof footwear will keep your feet comfortable and dry which can mean the difference between a great day, or one that isn’t as pleasant.

Having a pair of ‘zip’ pants (those with a leg zipper) is a good idea when shorts appear to be in order but you just aren’t sure. It’s an easy change that way. And as far as pants go, bring a few pair. You might get a little dirty in the wilderness and will want to spend less time worrying about laundry and more time enjoy all The Last Frontier state has to offer.

A wool or fleece hat along with a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection is also a good idea; the former for evening activities and the latter to protect you from the sun. Though the temperatures are lower in Alaska, the bright, blue skies can have you sunburnt in short order.

Don’t forget about proper hydration. Rather than having to carry around a water bottle, pick up a hydration pack or canteen with convenient strap. You’ll want your hands free for climbing over rocks and taking photos of some of the prettiest landscapes on Earth.



Source: Alaska Wild Land

Img Source: Flickr