5 Archery Tips for a Satisfying Season

Bow hunting is a sport that requires great precision and stealth. The following tips can be used as a foundation to guarantee you have the best bow season yet.

Short-and-Light vs. Long-and-Heavy

There’s a reason that competition bows are 40 inches or more. It’s because they are easier to shoot accurately. However, there are some who feel that a short, light bows are the way to go because they are effortless to maneuver. In the end, it’s all just a matter of personal preference. But keep in mind that no hunter has ever missed a kill because their bow was too long.

Good Form is Important

Always stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, perpendicular to your target. Control your anchor point consistently. Rest the bow grip against the bony part on the heel of your palm. At full draw, push towards the target with your bow arm while pulling away with your string arm. Squeeze the trigger and smoothly follow through.

The 100-Yard Shot

Long-range practices are a great way to amplify any weaknesses in your shooting form. By correcting these weaknesses, you not only become a better hunter, but you save money as well.

The Art of Stealth

As tempting as it is to set up your stand right above a popular deer spot, the smarter choice would be to figure out the direction from which the deer are approaching and take 12 steps to the side of that. Make sure you are on a side that puts you downwind or crosswind. This will put you out of the deer’s sight, while also offering a flatter shot angle.

Involve a Friend

Hunting with a partner provides a lot of benefits that you will not get hunting solo. For instance, having a flagger keep track of a spotted prey, while the stalker uses the flagger’s signals to aim appropriately.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to bow hunting. By consistently following these, you set yourself up for a successful season year after year.