3 Things to Do in the Hunting Off-Season

Around this time of year, all the big game seasons have come to an end, which probably means you’re bored and anxiously counting down the days until the next season. It’s easy to be frustrated and completely forget about hunting during this time, but you can get prepared for the next season by taking advantage of the down time. Now’s your chance to sharpen your skills and relax.

Exercise 1. Exercise – prepare your body and mind.

Physical and mental health are critical to a successful hunt. If you’re out of shape, you won’t be able to maneuver your area properly; if you’re not focused, you may miss the shot or lose the animal. Working out sharpens your mind as well as your body. You can motivate yourself too, because you are working out with a purpose; you are training for the wilderness.

Trail Hunting Cam


2. Set up food plots and trail cams.

Preparing food for the animals in your area is an exciting process that will greatly improve your hunting experience. If you haven’t been using trail cameras, then you’re missing out. Trail cams give you exclusive previews of your exciting game by taking pictures/video of the animals. If you’re worried about saving money, don’t worry. There are several reasonably priced trail cameras out there – some as low at $50.00. Setting up cams and food plots is also just another excuse to get outside and learn your area a bit more.

Family Time


3. Spend time with your family.

Hunting can often become a solo project because people often enjoy hunting independently. However, you should never let outdoor pursuits steal you away from your loved ones. Make up for the time spent away from them during this off-season. Take them out into your hunting spot to show them what you do or invite them fishing or play sports with them.




Source: pushingthewildlimits.com

Image Sources: Steve Jurvetson, Gregor Stoermchen, Cat Wendt